Care Instructions

Gold Plated Jewellery:

Our 18K Gold Plated pieces are waterproof and tarnish free. Stainless steel is used as a base for its tarnish resistant characteristics, which means you can get it wet and it won't discolour, fade or tarnish. 

While pieces used with a stainless steel base are waterproof, we advise to avoid any harsh chemicals such as chorline, purfumes, and hand sanitizers when wearing rings.   Please make sure it is cleaned and dried properly after getting wet and when storing your jewellery.

To clean your pieces, a combination of basic soap and warm water can be used to soak plated pieces for a few minutes then patted dry with a soft cloth can help restore shine!

Sterling Silver:

Our 925 Sterling Silver pieces are waterproof and tarnish free. Natural oils, sunscreen, and oxygen will naturally tarnish your jewellery over time. Sterling silver will tarnishes faster in areas with high humidity (hello, beach babes!) so store your jewellery clean in an air tight plastic bag when you are not wearing it.